May 5, 2007

a while back (march) i had the pleasure of travelling to london. and the pleasure of meeting some wonderful individuals.

although i did take my m along, i liked shooting color this time around:

War Protests

St. Patrick’s Day Parade



November 13, 2006

i haven’t updated in a long time. and since then i have travelled. a lot.

Kansas City

went to kansas city to check out some friends and to meet with an interesting character. went to KU in lawrence, chilled, partied, drank, chilled, mcD’d. met up with a buddy i haven’t seen in 7 years (until last december), and his maternal unit. showed me around KC and lawrence, and we stopped at a party.

some random chick’s party at some random apartment. scary dog.

they don’t call it slutoween for nothing.

poor youngsters need to make IDs.

and the man himself

holding onto the shell of a .50 AE round. i shot the desert eagle the day before. fuckin deadly.

Nick Vedros

and then it was on to the big ol’

Boston, MA

the T

from the hip. this guy was studying the street. at harvard T station i believe

sleeping on trains is a worldwide trend


we were served by bruce willis

and my bus driver was a baller

so was this german

met with some friends from home

and japan

duck tour, museum of science, tour of downtown, cambridge, harvard, MIT, tufts, BU, Clark, Babson. lots of crap crammed into the weekend. but it was worth it. and i got to see Mr. Craig. though the guy was a busy fuck. we shall meet again. and eat fusion noodles.

what’s next. who knows.

all i know is that i am coming back with souvenirs, etched into little pieces of plastic.



November 13, 2006

weddings give off mixed feelings. they can be fun, but they can be pure torture.

a few weeks back we were shooting a wedding and it was 27 outside. that’s fahrenheit for you europeans. equivalent to about -2 Celsius. outside. strong ass winds.

inside i took out the m and did the job



another baller

October 1, 2006

in the past month or so i’ve had a priviledge to hang out/party with two great ballers. coincidentally, both of them are owners of cigar companies. Nick Perdomo owns Perdomo cigars and Rocky Patel is at the head of Rocky Patel cigars.

i had the chance to shoot 2 openings/parties in the past month for a friend who owns the local cigar store. it was fun, extremely smoky. and some crazy shit happened the first time around. all in all, good times.

i don’t have the photos from rocky patel scanned, but here’s three shots of Nick Perdomo and his master cigar roller who came in.

The man himself. Nick perdomo

Master Cigar Roller

and that’s it for the weekend. i am damn tired from shooting. need to actually get some studying done.



selfish intentions??

September 29, 2006

you know i sat in a journalism class a few days ago and i couldn’t believe it.

tsunami? blank stares

rwanda? blank stares

there they are. the young, the bright, our next generation of journalists. and they have no clue what is going on in the world. and this isn’t the first time i saw this going on. it happened last year when a professor wrote “darfur” on the board, and nobody could identify it. please.

the professor summed it up. americans are concerned with themselves before anything else. to the extent of being selfish.

and then people are surprised that the anti-american sentiment is on the rise. at least william jefferson seemed to care. he made a point talking to mike wallace that he turned the world’s view of america around. and that’s true, there was a lot of respect for him. and people hated him because of a little something on the side with an intern. fucking please. firstly its his private life and didn’t affect his presidency. if he’d been stealing money for her, oh yes. secondly, the divorce rate in this country is above 50%. this shit happens all the time. so who cares.

i digress.


all i can say is wake the fuck up. i had this same conversation with my friend in japan. R.G. is going places let me tell you that. and though personally i didn’t agree with him all of the time, i know he’s going places. give it a few years and he’ll come up on the political radar.

wake the fuck up. this crap isn’t going to fix itself. and the next generation of “journalists”, the next generation of people doesn’t seem to give a shit. you’ll have to fix it. you can enjoy life (read: get wasted every weekend), but you can also pay attention to what’s going on outside your backyard.

this man is paying a lot of attention. and i believe his rhetoric has some amazing power:

his words are very very powerful, and very wise. all the best in the future.

and he has soft hands. must use moisturizer or something.

could work on his handshake.

there was also this man, who’s not quite as powerful. but he was still a baller.

works for TIME Magazine and Redux Photography. and shoots a six.

and now i am going out for a drink. all of mine was confiscated and poured down the drain. i’ve never wished so much for a glass of chivas.

c’est la vie


that first wedding, “you should hide your bottles”

September 27, 2006

here’s a few shots from that first wedding. only m shots, cause the other ones are at work and i’m too lazy to resize them and everything. and i have a 2nd wedding from this past weekend with nicer work (at least i think so).

i never knew that weddings were such hard work. got back on saturday and almost died. but then again, carrying 2 full size cameras all damn day and following everyone around is definitely hard work.

for some reason i didn’t shoot the m at all at the wedding this past weekend. it was strange. prolly because i put some velvia in and then the clouds rolled in. but i don’t know. it was great fun. and i got a bottle of wine as a gift from the vineyard.

too bad it got confiscated yesterday. alcohol violation. fuckin laws and policies.

i have a lot to say about that. mainly, it’s bullshit.

how someone can buy porn, cigarettes, go to jail and go to war; basically be accountable/liable/responsible for all the decisions they make, but cannot buy a beer with dinner is ridiculous.

“you should have hidden it”

i am not hiding my alcohol. i have been legal to drink in every other normal country for the past two years. call me a stubborn git if you want, i don’t care. this is stupid

AAANYWAYS, enjoy these:



September 20, 2006

so i am twenty today.